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Together We Can Feed a Hungry Community

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The Good Neighbor Family Pantry’s mission is to provide individuals and families with limited means or difficult circumstances the ability to acquire food at no cost. 

The founders of Good Neighbor Family Pantry began feeding the hungry in 2013 when a group of farmers decided to band together to minimize waste and improve the availability of produce to those less fortunate.

By the summer of 2014, word had spread, and the need for larger equipment was critical. The farmers launched a massive public awareness campaign, including a crowd-funding effort. The community was so excited, they gathered over 250 sponsors in just 30 days, and raised over $32,000 in donated cash, materials, and support. The support from the community allowed them to fix the old equipment they were abusing, as well as purchase a dedicated truck and trailer, more than doubling their volume, and a non-profit was formed.

The Good Neighbor Family Pantry, run by those same dedicated farmers, is now providing over 14,000 pounds of fruit, vegetables, and other food items, and feeding over 800 people per month. They work with over 20 local rotary groups to feed those that cannot make it to the farm, and supply 4 food banks with all the produce they can handle.